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One Hell of a Lucky Girl
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
Martyna Wasiluk, CalArts character animation BFA1, a passionate gamer and a character developer. What I do is art, but I see it only as a medium to convey my stories, ideas, thoughts and feelings. And yet, it influenced my view on the world so much.... Artist is not a person, it's a disease. (only half-joking here)
Soo... I'm there, I'm alive, I have little to no time and I'm loving it. Can't wait till the classes start tho I should probably get a phone number and maybe even a pillow by then. I've met sooo many awesome people and dang, I wish I had an opportunity to talk to everyone. Along goes a wish remembering names were easier.

Remember me mentioning the idea of a calarts blog/journal? Well, I'm not so sure it's such a good idea anymore. The faculty made us more than aware that whatever we post online is there to be found by our peers, teachers, recruiters... possibly anyone who could ever give us a job or something like that. Also, we'll have some secrets not to be shared and the easiest way not to slip is just not talking about it at all.

I have made a decision not to go and try to censor every single compromising thing I've ever posted or said. I mean... I am a fangirl, yeah - so what? And sure, I don't like some films or games much, but usually there's a pretty good reason for that. So yeah, I've decided to keep doing what I do. I don't want to suddenly go quiet and feel, I don't know, intimidated all the time? My account is my thing and I'm gonna do what I want coz a pirate is free. Also, rum and all. Oh wait...

As for the Calarts experience so far... you know, up until just yeasterday I kept thinking that it was all a joke, that I'm not really supposed to be here... Well, I don't anymore. I'm past thinking that I'm here a year early or that I'm not ready or whatever - I'm here for a reason. I mean, with an acceptance rate of roughly 9% (lower than Harvard, if I may say) there is no room for error.

Oddly enough, I feel like I'm the most chilled-out person considering all the revelations (that weren't really all that new to me) the faculty shared with us yesterday. Like this going online thing, the fact that WE ARE THE MOB and the person sitting right next to us has a big chance of being our co-worker or even an employer at some point. Aaaand the fact that we'll be dying out of sleep deprivation by December. Most people seemed to be really freaked out by this and I was liiiike... "Alright, I expected this." And for some reason I'm not really scared. Oh well, give me some time and ask me then! xD



Outta my way champs by LilayM
Outta my way champs

Dang I LOVE Korra, I just wish I did more art of her when season 1 was coming out... not really a fan of the recent events, duh. Either way, I accidentally rewatched first 2 seasons of LoK last Saturday (and now I know I can't really "watch stuff in the background" coz I focus on it too much) and this happened. Kinda was supposed to be sort of a foreshortening at first but then it looked bad so idk anymore.
These awkward moments by LilayM
These awkward moments
...when you're no longer sure what's going on.


Hahaha, I love messing with these babies. Marg has a boyfriend but Lomb couldn't care less (does he ever?). Then again, he considers her a "friend" and that ain't that common for him either... I tell you, half of the time these dorks have no idea what's going on. I'm with them on that.

Still, might the shipping commence. XD

Also the working title for this was "badlombmarg" and if at any point in my life I'm drunk enough, I might just show you the sketch. Proves everything's fixable. (Like seriously what the hell is interaction between ppl who the hell can draw that?)

Should probably mention that Marg is :iconotoysoldiero:'s and Lombargio is mine.
Marg's old design coz this sketch goes waaaaay back (and I miss her red robes ;__; ).
Oblivious by LilayM

Some more Xopowstan : D Seriously tho, I'd love to bury you in AC Unity fanart were it not for the fact that I barely have time to sleep these days. My time management skills are in dire need of improvement : C And I'm afraid I'm not sleeping tonight either... oh well, hopefully I'll have something to show you so as to explain why.

Wondering what the hell Xopowstan is? You might wanna visit these:
Welcome to Xopowstan by LilayM Happy communism! by LilayM Radioactive by LilayM

Also garnet-lynx is so hipsta she was drawing Xopowstan waaaaay before me dang I'm mainstream

FOR VODKA by garnet-lynx Greatest Weapon by garnet-lynx 

So does pypr (seriously tho check out the animation it's aaaweeeesoooome)
day in Xopowstan by pypr  

...I have no idea how this turned into a feature page. Seriously.


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Crazyax101 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014
Have ya heard of tha new ac rouge
Coldbite Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014  New member
Matko, najpierw zobaczyłam fanarty z AC (Connfor <3 ) potem weszłam na profil i miałam ćwierkać w ingriszu, ale paczam, a tu Polka! :D 

Skąd dokładnie? :)
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ShortEthan Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Student General Artist
heeeeeeeeeeeey i know your not into the group that much anymore, or if you even care or have the time, but i just thought that lomb would get a kick out of the new mission. miss seeing him around the group :) you as well! 
Adejln Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
W tym roku mamy sporo Assasynów, nie wiem czy już widziałaś te trailery, od Haythama zaczęła się jakaś moda na templariuszy. Zła wiadomość Arno jest chyba zajęty xD…

i jeszcze z nowego Assasyna Rogue…

MsTruffles Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Student Artist
Hello Lilay. You are such a great artist and i'd like to ask you someting if i may..:) Do make any requests?
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